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I am so excited to make available my Vocal Relaxation System Singing Method. As a former professional singer and as a music teacher for more than twenty years, I have seen so many people (young and old) sustain serious vocal damage. Most of this is linked directly to a misunderstanding to the proper approach to singing. Most singers don’t know how to properly use their ‘instrument.’ The idea of viewing your entire body as a musical instrument is central to my singing method. If you learn how to properly use your instrument, you can develop an explosive range, with complete breath control, and project a powerful sound WITHOUT damaging your instrument.

Benefits Of Investing In My Program

  • Learn To Completely ‘Free’ Your Voice Through Relaxation (my exclusive secret that you will not find in any other program)
  • Dramatically Expand Your Range
  • Overcome Problems With Your ‘Break’
  • Substantially Increase Your Volume
  • Resolve Problems With A Breathy Sound
  • Redirect Your Focus To Immediately Remove Nasal Quality From Tone
  • Develop Complete Control Of Your Sound By Training Yourself To Breathe Properly
  • A Quick And Easy Secret To Prevent You From Ever Singing Flat
  • Repair Damage To Your Voice
  • Unlimited Access To Me Through My Private Facebook Group
  • Can Be Applied To Any Style Of Music!

Why My Program Is Different
I can honestly say that it is no wonder that most singers are ‘self taught’ and do not pursue formal training. For some reason, many voice teachers today have no interest in making things simple for their students. I have ‘endured’ private voice lessons from prestigious teachers at big name universities. I have also reviewed countless vocal methods. My course contains no diagrams of the larynx or diaphragm muscles. I do not use any medical terms or scientific jargon. Frankly, I have no interest in creating the scientific approach to all of this (even though many excellent colleagues of mine make this their sole focus). I also do not believe that everyone needs to learn to sing through operatic training only. If you want to sing opera, then you should be working on an opera style of singing. This system transcends style, it is for ALL styles from classical to pop and everything in between!

I Have A Wall Of Diplomas, But I Never Forget The Goal
I am probably unique in the universe of singing methods you will find online. You will find the ‘self taught’ teachers that have no formal education and those with advanced degrees. I would honestly put myself with one foot in each camp. I have two Bachelor’s Degrees in music and a Master’s in education. I can honestly tell you that most of my formal college voice lessons provided me very little benefit as a vocalist. I have learned far more from my twenty years of teaching and my own experience touring as a professional singer.

Excerpt From The Video Training – See And Hear The Results!

Why You Should Start Singing And Performing Right Away
Many singing methods and vocal teachers won’t allow their students to start singing songs until they reach a certain milestone within their training. Believe it or not, some even suggest that a student should not be allowed to sing songs until they ‘master’ their voice! My private students are asked to bring a song that they would love to sing to their first lesson. Every lesson that I teach includes the student singing at least one song that they want to work on. As a student of my course I want you to start singing right away! In fact, I believe that applying your new skills right away is the best way to internalize them. After all, isn’t this all about loving music and enjoying the journey?

Who Is This Program For?
I have students in my private studio from as young as five years of age to my oldest student who was 92! Whether you want to sing the top hits on the radio, the standards, or even take the classical route, these simple exercises will give you the skills that you need. Many of my students have gone on to college for a formal music education, others have auditioned for shows like American Idol, and The Voice. I have even had touring professional singers come to my studio after trashing their voice on a long tour.

What Is Included In My Training
I decided to make available my program as both a physical product and a digital download. If you opt to buy the download version, we are happy to pass along the savings to you with a nice discount.

The Components Of My Training Program:

  • 40 Page Book Explaining My System And Exercises
  • 20 Page Practice Journal
  • 2 Audio CDs That Provide An Overview Of The Training
  • 1 Audio CD With All Of The Exercises (includes tracks with a demonstrator and a tracks for you to practice with on your own)
  • 1 DVD Video Demonstrating All Of My Exercises With A Student
  • Membership In My Private Facebook Group (A Forum To Ask Questions, Share Your Own Ideas, And Interact With Me And Other Students From Around The World)

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One Hour Skype Lesson (Online Lessons Only Available To Purchasers Of Vocal Relaxation System)

** I have opened up a couple more hours, so I am accepting Skype lesson appointments for a limited time.

I wish you the very best in your singing journey!

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